Tax Audit Representation

Tax Audit Representation

Tax Accounting Firm Offers Professional IRS Audit Representation

So you’ve received a letter from the IRS, claiming that they will be auditing your tax returns. Most people panic when they receive such a letter. They
don’t understand how the IRS works and believe that they are facing the IRS alone, with no one to help them understand what the IRS wants, or how to
resolve the situation. Here are a few points to help you, starting with:

You are not alone. At Alliance Tax Solutions, we offer years of experience dealing with IRS audits. We know how the IRS works and how to determine what
it is the IRS wants from you.

The first step to resolving your audit situation is to call our office: 404-592-1227. We’ll examine the letter you received from the IRS and walk you through
the process to resolve your tax problems.

With Alliance Tax Solutions on your side, you have a resource to dispell the fear and eliminate the pain of dealing with the IRS.

We Separate IRS Audit Fact from Fiction

Several misconceptions exist about IRS tax audits which have instilled a great deal of fear in people. If you are not submitting fraudulent information,
chances are, you have nothing to worry about. The fact is, thre are more than 100 legitimate reasons you could get audited; the majority of audit triggers
result from errors made on paperwork or from lack of proper documentation.

 Some of the most common triggers to look out for are: 


  • Making mistakes, miscalculations & clerical errors
  • Drastic increases in income
  • Not reporting all of your income
  • Claiming too much in charitable donations
  • Claiming home office deductions
  • Claiming too many business expenses
  • Claiming rental losses
  • Claiming a loss for a “hobby” Activity


So, basic errors can be the source of your IRS audit issues, and Alliance Tax Solutions can rapidly find errors in your return, and help you get those
corrected. And if there are any other issues that need to be dealt with, a one-on-one consultation with our tax professionals can help find those areas
of concern and get them resolved.

Schedule your IRS audit consultation today. Call our office (404-592-1227) now!


Over the years, a great amount of fear has been propagated about the word audit due to the horror stories that are often attached to it. While audits can
get very bad for someone being audited and they should be taken extremely seriously, the fact is, out the hundreds of millions of tax returns filed
each year, only an average of 1 percent is actually get audited. Still, it is important to understand that there are five types of tax audits that
can occur:


We Can Represent You at All of These Types of IRS Audits


1. Correspondence Audits – can be handled via mail to clarify a few aspects of your return

2. Office Audit – requires you to come to a local IRS office and involves providing documentation that can’t be handled through the

3. Field Audit – most serious audit that warrants an IRS auditor to come to your place of business to verify paperwork or records

4. Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program (TCMP) Audit – the most detailed and thorough audit that checks every line of a return
and all related paperwork and documentation

5. Random selection and computer screening – your return is selected for a audit based on a computerized selection process or at random

With over 20 years of experience providing tax resolution and tax debt relief services, Alliance Tax Solutions have represented dozens
of individuals and businesses facing IRS audits and state audits. In terms of personal audits, you don’t want to face the IRS alone.


Our IRS Tax Audit Results Speak for Themselves


No matter what type of audit you’re facing, you don’t have to do anything fraudulent to be audited. However, whether it’s your business being audited
or a state audit, it’s important that you know and understands your rights. With the right representation, you’ll have the best possible results. There
are many important benefits to professional representation:

We know the process: We know all paperwork, deadlines, processes, and procedures of IRS audits.We avoid common pitfalls that plague “do-it-yourselfers”, add weeks or months to your process and cost thousands more than necessary

We’re good at what we do: One client owed over $500,000, they paid $20,000. Another client owed $32,000 and only paid $500. We’ve stopped
dozens of audits for individuals requesting our assistance.Our results speak for themselves. 

We want to help: Part of how we provide great results is due to our passion for helping people. To us, tax debt resolution is about more
than just money,we give people back their freedom from the burden of tax debt. That’s priceless.


You Are Not Alone – You Have Alliance Tax Solutions to Represent You


No matter what type of audit you may be facing, you will have to respond to an audit letter within 10 or 30 days of receiving your letter. Contact Alliance Tax Solutions at404-592-1227 as soon as you receive an audit letter the letter and let us help you develop a solid plan to approach the audit.


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Client Results

Owed: $550,000

Paid: $20,000

Owed: $32,000

Paid: $500

Owed: $90,435

Paid: $4,300

Owed: $9,351

Paid: $200

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