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Can I really go to jail if I don’t file my tax returns?

Yes, it’s not illegal to owe the IRS money but it is illegal not to file. The possibility of going to jail is present when the IRS has perceived that you may be avoiding paying taxes by not filing.

How do i know if my tax problem requires tax representation?

If you have received a notice from the IRS about back taxes, balances due, unfilled returns, or an upcoming audit, you should strongly consider tax representation. Unless you are an attorney or have a deep understanding of tax law and are familiar with revenue agent tactics and strategies, you should seek qualified assistance. If you have received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Right to a Hearing from the IRS, you need to call us immediately.

How long does the IRS have to collect back taxes from me?

The IRS generally has 10 years to collect back taxes. The Statute of Limitations on Collections is the amount of time that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has to collect a tax liability. According to the Internal Revenue Code, Section 6502, the IRS generally must collect the tax owed, “within 10 years after the assessment of the tax.” Depending on your situation, the assessment of tax may be the date you filed the tax return, or the date that the IRS filed the tax return for you. Thus, the Statute of Limitations will begin once the tax has been “assessed” by the IRS.

Although the IRS generally has just 10 years to collect on an outstanding tax liability, there are certain events or transactions that may extend or suspend the statute from expiring. For example, if you file bankruptcy or file an Offer in Compromise, the statute of limitations is generally suspended during the time the bankruptcy or Offer in Compromise is under review. Also, additional assessments of tax owing may extend the amount of time that the IRS is allowed to collect. Generally, an additional assessment occurs after the IRS completes a tax audit. Therefore, if the IRS is going to collect taxes owed, they must do so within the time frame permitted by law.

What happens if I owe payroll taxes?

This is a more serious type of taxes because it involves more than just you. Typically, it can also affect the employees because this is money that is supposed to be sent to the IRS on their behalf with the employer matching a certain percentage as well. The interest and penalties can be assessed at a rate that is more than if it was a individual tax liability.

What to do if you are in a tax audit?

If the IRS has sent you a notification of audit, it’s important to act fast. It’s time to gather the receipts, tax documents, loan records, medical records and more. You may find yourself scrambling to find all the documents you need just hoping they’re in a secure place. Leave the harried frustration behind—the right tax resolution services can make your auditing worries a thing of the past. Our tax experts at Alliance Tax Solutions are ready to help you prepare for your audit. Contact us today to find the preparation service for you.

Will the IRS garnish my wages or levy my bank account?

They can contact your bank notifying them that you have a tax liability that is delinquent. Once that happens, the bank account is then frozen and all funds in the account will be turned over to the IRS in 21 days. The IRS can also contact your employer notifying them as well to send them the money from your paycheck. Don’t become a victim, call us immediately.


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