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Alliance Tax Solutions

Your Atlanta Tax Preparation & Tax Debt Resolution Specialists

The Alliance Tax Solutions team is a dedicated group of tax professionals highly experienced in solving IRS and state tax problems. We use proven strategies in our negotiations with the IRS and get you the results needed so that you can get your life back on track.  


Trust Our Experience Solving IRS Tax Audit, Collection & Debt Problems


With over 25 years of combined experience, we know exactly how to approach IRS collection actions. With one-on-one, in-person consultations, personalized support, and proven strategies, we've achieved amazing results for our clients such as:

  • Stopping Wage Garnishments
  • Releasing Levies on Bank Accounts, Homes & Businesses
  • Negotiating Lower Tax Debt Settlements 
  • Filing Multiple Years of Back Taxes
  • Stopping Threatening Collection Letters
  • Removing Temporary Collection Holds

Don’t Handle IRS Problems Yourself – Trust the Experts at Alliance Tax Solutions


You should never handle IRS problems by yourself. Alliance Tax Solutions understands the pain and stress associated with receiving letters, phone calls or knocks at the door, which is why we are the right tax debt relief company for you. 


Call Alliance Tax Solutions now at 404-592-1227.







Committed to Excellence

We provide the highest standard of quality work through every step of the process. Our commitment to excellence always ensures the best results for our clients and that’s how we measure success. As our client, your satisfaction is our ultimate priority.


Passionate About Helping Others  

We believe for any type of recipe to work; genuine passion is a key ingredient. Our level of service is rooted in a sincere desire to help people restore their lives in the face of a very difficult tax situation. Uncompromised service standards, a support-based business model and passion for protecting others ensure success.


 Determined to Improve Your Situation 

Mutual trust and transparency distinguish us from your average firm. We also guarantee 100% confidentiality with our client's information and diligently work to educate you along the way. Our experience gives us the insights to help you through any tax situation.

Advocates of Love Charity

When you signup with Alliance Tax Solutions, a portion of our proceeds go to support this amazing organization

Advocates of Love is the only children’s home to help orphan and vulnerable children in the Samana Province, Dominican Republic. Founded by Mike Clark in 2013, this charity has provided care and eduction for children in one of the most povery stricken areas.

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Alliance Tax Solutions, LLC is a BBB Accredited Accountant in Atlanta, GA