Tax Relief Services - Offer In Compromise

Tax Relief Services - Offer In Compromise

You may have heard of an IRS Offer In Compromise advertised on television and the radio. It sounds like the answer you’ve been looking for to resolve your back tax issue. Alliance Tax Solutions has helped many clients take advantage of these resolution agreements with the IRS. You can too – here we offer an inside look at what an Offer In Compromise is, and how you can work with us to get your tax problems settled. Let’s take a look at exactly what an Offer In Compromise entails.


An Offer in Compromise is an option for settling your tax debt for less than the full amount that you owe. This can be particularly helpful for those who are unable to pay the full amount owed to the IRS in the time required, especially if paying the entire amount will cause you financial hardship. The truth is, as a taxpayer, you have specific rights under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights with regard to repaying tax debt resolution. The Offer In Compromise is covered under these rights and Alliance Tax Solutions are experts at interpreting and helping you exercise these rights. With the Offer In Compromise option for tax debt repayment, the application process is long, time-consuming and stressful and we strongly recommend hiring a professional tax debt relief firm to walk you through the process to help you avoid common pitfalls that the average person is unaware of. For starters, before your application can be considered, you must be eligible to submit an application. 


Basic Eligibility Requirements include: 

1) File all legally required tax returns at the time of your application
2) Have received a bill for at least one tax debt included in your offer
3) Make all estimated tax payments for the current year
4) If you are a business owner, make all required federal tax deposits for the current quarter otherwise your application will be returned

If you want to make an offer and you don't meet the requirements above, call us immediately at 404-592-1227 for a free consultation and we can help you become eligible. 

Additionally, a payment must also be submitted with an Offer In Compromise application in one of two ways:  

Lump Sum Cash Payment: with this option, you’re required to submit a tax debt payment of 20% of the total debt amount. The remaining balance must be paid in 5 payments or less, within 5 months of the date your offer is accepted.

Periodic Payment: this option requiresthe first payment with the application and the remaining balance to be paid in monthly installments within a 6 – 24-month period according to offer terms.

The IRS realizes that in some cases, settling for a lower amount is a better option for them than not receiving any payment at all. Even if you have not yet been contacted by the IRS about your mounting debt, make no mistake, the IRS will eventually attempt to collect the debt. Once the IRS begins the process to collect the debt, you may not have the option of negotiating a lower settlement amount. There are many ways that they can attempt to collect on the debt such as putting a levy or lien on your car, house, or other property. Instead of letting your home become subject to IRS seizure, get ahead of the IRS and negotiate your bill down through an Offer in Compromise.

By allowing Alliance Tax Solutions to handle your Offer In Compromise application, we can help you:

  • Reduce the total amount of tax debt owed to the IRS  
  • Avoid aggressive collection actions such as liens, levies, or garnishments 
  • File the correct paperwork in accordance with filing deadlines and requirements 
  • Save time, money and avoid the stress of the process 
  • Submit a successful application the first time to avoid returned applications  

By being proactive and taking the first step toward repaying your debt, you have more control over the outcome and a far better chance of lowing your tax debt amount. Do not delay! It is extremely important that you act fast to ensure that Alliance Tax Solutions can have the best possible opportunity to help you solve your tax problems. We understand the seriousness of these issues and have a proven track record of successfully negotiating with the IRS to lower tax debt

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